Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Zombies Are Coming!

Zombie Cookies

The fun part about making zombie cookies is you can be creative and anything will work!

Cookie Cutters Used:

Other Items:

Your favorite roll out cookie dough.

  1. In advance: Make cookies. Use teddy bear cutter to cut one body for each zombie. Use a knife and cut off arms and ears. Use the skull from the haunted Halloween metal set, and the round cutter to cut out heads.
  2. Bake and cool cookies.
  3. Use royal icing and decorate bodies and heads separately, then after they are set attach them together with royal icing. 
  General Instructions:
Use thinned royal icing and pastry brush and ice heads in the color desired.
Use tip #3 and outline and fill in pants and tops for zombie bodies.
Use red food writer to make candy eyes blood shot.
Use red piping gel for blood.
Use black food writer for stitches.
Use tip # 12 for piping arms
Use tip #7 for hands.
Use tip #5 for hair
Use tip #2 for facial features.
Use tip # 1 for fingers and toes. 

You can also mix it up a little, by changing the tip size, to create different effects.

If you are going to make zombie cookies, we would LOVE to see them. Share them with us on Facebook!

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