Thursday, December 12, 2013

Santa's Winter Wonderland

These are all separate pieces. You can make only one type or combine them on a cake, rice krispy treat or use them as a centerpiece.
Large Christmas Trees, Supplies needed:
  1. Melt chocolate, pour into star candy mold, tap on table to remove air bubbles. Place mold in freezer for approx. 5 minutes. Remove from freezer, turn mold upside down and tap out.
  2. Make royal icing mix and color most of it green. Leave a little white for snow.
  3. Fill sugar cone with icing. Insert 8" stick. (This is what you are going to hold on to while piping the rest.)
  4. Attach # 18 tip to bag and fill with green icing.
  5. Hold onto stick and start at the bottom of ice cream cone, approx 1/2" from bottom and squeeze and pull down and away to form branch.
  6. Continue same motion working around and up on the cone. Leave a small amount of cone on top uncovered.
  7. Hold cone where it is not covered and remove it from the stick. place on parchment paper.
  8. Finish the top of tree.
  9. While icing is still wet, attach yellow star and sprinkle with jumbo nonpareils.
  10. Attach tip # 6 to decorator bag and fill with white icing.
  11. Squeeze white icing where you want the snow. Let dry completely.
Tree Cupcakes, Supplies Needed:
  1. Bake standard cupcakes, mini cupcakes or both.
  2. Let cool completely.
  3. Make a small mound of icing on top of cupcake.
  4. Attach tip # 80 to decorating bag and fill with green icing.
  5. Start at bottom of cupcake, squeeze and pull to form branches. Continue around and up to complete tree.
  6. Sprinkle a little white edible glitter on top for glistening snow.
Santa & His Sleigh, Supplies Needed:
  1. Melt red chocolate and make dessert shell, "Santa's sleigh". Directions are included with the mold.
  2. When Santa's sleigh is done, daub melted red chocolate and around out side edge.
  3. Dunk Top into coarse white sugar.
  4. Use melted red chocolate and attach candy canes to bottom of sleigh. 
  5. For Santa, melt down, peach, yellow, black, white, green and red. With a paint brush, daub the colors where you want them to be. Example it's like painting by # but your painting by shape and you want the colors to be on the thicker side. Then let it dry. Then fill the rest of the mold with red chocolate.
  6. Repeat with the gifts.
  7. For the teddy bear we filled it with butterscotch chocolate and when it came out we used a tooth pick and melted black chocolate and added the details.
  8. Place Santa, gifts and teddy bear in sleigh.
That's it, simple, pretty and tasty!!

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