Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Winners of Icing Smiles Cake Contest/Fund Raiser

We would like to Congratulate the two winners:

  Sumita Basu


Those of us fortunate enough to have experienced Grandma's love will know what I am about to pen down here.

It's one of the most amazing experiences in a lifetime that carries through. The story-times, the special gifts, the warm hugs, the aroma of Grandma's delicious food and the countless blessings are always some of the warmest and most comforting memories...
A New Perspective
As a mother, I now see that time spent with grandma translates to a whole new set of rules, little or no self control over sweet treats and mild discipline at best. Very different perspective for my mother who is now a grandmother herself!

My childhood was spent in another country. I often reminisce about the days spent in my grandmother's home...waking up to the aroma of comforting food, going out with her to the garden to pick fresh flowers for the house and snuggling with her for story time. More than 3 decades have passed but I still remember everything so vividly. Perhaps because she touched my heart in more ways than one.
Grandma's 80th Birthday Cake
My grandmother celebrated her 80th birthday a few years back. Time has taken a toll on her health. She can no longer cook or garden. Nor can she remember all the memories of the past. But despite the age and failing health, she has not lost the love in her voice or the concern for her grandkids.

This cake was a first for me with fondant decorations and was handcrafted to honor her on her 80th birthday. The cake flavor was a mellow lemon with apricot-pineapple preserve as the filling.

Edible roses were hand-made with fondant one by one to honor the love and patience that she and all grandmothers symbolize all over the world.

They say, anything in excess is never good.


Abundant doses of a grandmothers love teaches kids freedom from structure, how to laugh at imperfections and how to take the time to stop and smell the roses. No one has more patience than a grandmother. She is here on earth to serve a special purpose: to cascade love all the way!

And Cosette Neely


So, I married an artist. My husband has been involved in studio arts since he was a child. He even attended college to obtain an art degree.

Unfortunately, college isn’t cheap and he decided to enlist in the military. His time in the Marines and now the Army hasn’t afforded much opportunity to complete his art degree, however, he has used his free time to maintain his skills.


Since taking on cake baking during his last deployment, I have continued to hone my abilities in cake decorating. My husband and I wanted to showcase a style of decorating not many can duplicate; free-hand painting. We were aware that there were ways of making prints and learning techniques from Craftsy, but my husband’s skills are those that are developed over a lifetime of practice- not a 60 minute video. This was a way we could create a niche for ourselves.


He and I are also fans of certain styles of tattoo art. Obviously, there were already cakes made in the fashion of tattoos- more specifically Japanese and koi tattoos. Some of them were done beautifully, too. Conveniently, the style that my husband and I like had not been commonly made yet; that is, black and grey tattoos. We are particularly fond of tattoos with three dimensional and natural effects. This was to be the muse for our first free-hand painted creation.


I was preparing for a wedding expo and a little nervous for it, as it was my first. My husband volunteered to paint a cake, styled after Japanese tattoo art. A big portion of the time, my husband is the idea factory. He thought it would cap the artwork of the cake off if we added gumpaste cherry blossoms and fondant branches- the cherry blossoms were the only color added to the cake. Being a black and grey cake, the colors of the blossoms popped quite a bit. The branches really added an awesome natural look with a little three dimensional styling.

We were pleased with the way this cake turned out, but we had no idea of the reception it would get. Out of all my cakes, this one probably nabbed the most attention and led to many call backs and inquiries.

Knowing my husband, he never would have imagined being a cake painter. Since his first hand-painted cake, though, he is always excited to be trying something new and original.
Thank you to all who partcipated.
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