Saturday, June 28, 2014

Patriotic Cupcakes

Celebrate America with red white and blue cupcakes!
Red , white and blue cupcakes with sprinkles!

Supplies Needed:
  • White cupcake papers (415-2525)
  • Tulip red , no taste  (CH-7382)
  • Royal blue food color (CH-7306)
  • Red, white and blue sprinkles (JIM-RWB)
  • Disposable decorator bag (AT-461)
  • Tip # 1M (402-2110)
  • White cake batter (Yellow batter will make the red, orange and the blue, green.)
  • Your favorite buttercream icing recipe.

  1. Make cake batter and separate into 3 bowls.
  2. Color one red and the other blue. Leave one bowl white.
  3. Start with the blue and put a little batter in each cupcake paper. (We suggest doing one color at a time.)
  4. Continue with white, then red.
  5. Bake cupcakes and let cool.
  6. Attach tip 1M to bag and fill with buttercream icing.
  7. Squeeze around outside of cupcake and work your way to center.
  8. Add sprinkles. 
That was pretty easy! The kids can help with stirring the color into the batter and sprinkling on the sprinkles.

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